Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Country Retreat in Montville

This is another late one... two weeks ago James and I drove into the hinterland to Montville. We stayed in Montville Country Cabins, complete with wood fire, BBQ, spa bath, beautiful views and a machine that if you put $2 into it you can 'relax back with a glass of wine and listen to the sound of gentle rain drops on the roof'. Not kidding.

Our cabin was named Snuggle Pot and next door was Cuddle Pie, before you cringe too much apparently there is a famous Australian children's book called Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie so that's why they are named this way!

We stoked up on loads of food and wine and settled in for a night in the wilderness, well in a contained cabin in the wilderness! Before it got dark we took a walk around the grounds and six ducks followed us the way! We rewarded them with some raisin bread at the end.

Our balcony was also full of wildlife, a Kookaburra joined me for a read but I had to vacate quite quickly as it's beak was scaring me. James told me I was worrying unnecessarily but I noticed that he left pretty sharpish when a huge magpie came to join! 

Here are some pictures of our hinterland trip...

Umm, hello Ducks...
Our Cottage - Snugglepot!!

James and his new mates
Feeding time
Chilling out with a Kookaburra
Ducks hanging out in the road

Politely asking them to move...

We like champagne

...especially me

James in his happy place

Hiking up Mount Coolum

Last week James, our friend Becca and I drove 30 minutes up to the coast to climb Mount Coolum. It only took about 30 minutes each way but was a pretty uphill climb, I was certainly puffed! I think it's safe to say we looked fairly novice in the climbing stakes as Becca carried her Mulberry, we got overtaken by a couple in flip flops and an old man, and almost passed by a pair of fairly hefty girls!

The view from the top was pretty spectacular though...

Friday, 13 April 2012

Six months and not counting

Last week James and I passed six months of living in Australia. So far we are having the best time. With all changes there have been some adjustments to get used to, but we both feel really comfortable here now.

In fact James is so comfortable that he doesn't want to leave. In his eyes it can't get better than living in Australia! In my mine our plan was to stay in Mooloolaba until October, travel a bit and be home for Xmas. But the past six months have flown by so quickly that we don't think we'll be ready to leave come October.

At first I wasn't too sure if staying on longer was the right thing for me to do. I totally understand that it's great for James' career and we have a great quality of life, but my family and friends mean so much to me that I wasn't sure if staying away longer would make me happy. Also, whilst I really enjoy my two part time jobs, I feel like I haven't really had the chance to find a job that I feel really passionate about.

But then I spoke to my Dad and he always makes me feel better and see things clearly. He reminded me that we're young and an extra few months/year won't make much of a difference, but will allow us to keep enjoying our experience a bit more.

So our new plan (I had to tie James down to discuss it, he hates to plan but I love to plan!) is to come home July 2013. I will also be popping back in September and March to see my family and be a bridesmaid at Nikki and Sam's wedding. I feel so lucky, like I have the best of both worlds, I get to see all the people I love (Including Luca who will be 15 months in September!) and I get to keep loving this time in Australia.

So to all my home friends, keep some time free for me in September! And to all my Australian friends, I'm excited for more fun times ahead!


Buderim Falls adventure

Last week James and I drove the 15 minutes to Buderim Falls for an afternoon adventure. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, perfect for navigating our way to the waterfall. We also stumbled across a photo shoot, from a distance I thought the model was wearing a tight blue jumpsuit but as walked right past her we realised that she was actually totally naked and just painted blue! I am so blind! I didn't get a photo of her as I thought that would be a bit weird. But here we are...