Thursday, 7 June 2012

May time news

I’ve been awful again with updating this blog, I keep putting it on my to-do list and not quite crossing it off! So I’ve just to updated you on the past month, Sydney for my birthday, Gold Coast hinterland (Mount Tambourine) and Gold Coast.

Outside of our gallivanting James and I are continuing to make friends and love life here.
I’m really lucky to be working in a really friendly restaurant and now have a group of close girlfriends (and Mitch – don’t want to leave out the lone guy in our social group!) The girls are from all over the world and each has hosted at least one lunch or dinner where they cook the most amazing food, usually from their home country. We sit and eat and drink and chat for hours – great fun! I’m actually the only one not to have hosted such an event so my turn will be soon – I promise! I really should have been taken photos to share, will try to start now! 

It is winter now, around 20 degrees in the daytime but chillier in the morning and at night time. I think we must be totally acclimatised as it feels cold! We came straight from British summertime to Australian summertime so it’s weird to feel a chill. James and I want to take a 2/3 week trip in July, either up to North Queensland or down to Victoria and Tasmania. Everyone keeps warning us how cold it is down South though, and I’m not sure if I can handle it now! 

Other than lots of yummy breakfasts/lunches/dinners with my work friends (food seems to be a bonding common ground for us!) I have actually had quite a quiet few weeks as I hurt my back and spend a week inside recovering. Turns out I have a problem with a disk in my lower back, it was really painful and I couldn’t really sit, walk or stand for 5 days. I’ve had problems since I was 17 and used to see an Osteopath but over here the doctor sent me straight for a CT and Xray – that would never happen in the UK! So at least I know what the problem is now. I spent hours lying on the living room floor watching TV, I got through a lot of Kardashians (started back at the beginning) and got bored of that so started on Hart of Dixie, which I love (as does James!) – thanks Steph and Wray for the hint! James took good care of me and even bought me a Netbook to cheer me up and keep me entertained! I haven’t been back to the gym yet but once the twinges go I’ll ease back into some Yoga and Body Balance, think I’ll have to lay off Pump and running. 

I’ve booked to come home to the UK in September and I can’t wait to see my family and friends. I won’t have much time but have a lot to fit in! I’m going to have a vintage tea party and can’t want to see all my home girls. I also need to fit in lots of time with my godson Luca – who turns 1 this Friday! I am also very excited to go shopping – during my horizontal time I spent many hours on shopping sights planning my buys (Australian shopping is rubbish). I am also excited to drive my Ladybird and go for a pub roast. I will also be trying on my bridesmaid dress for my friend Nikki's wedding (fingers crossed it arrives) - so much to do, so little time!

Yesterday James bought a fishing rod and tackle box and I bought the 2nd and 3rd instalments of the ‘Fifty Shades’ trilogy. Today we went fishing (reading for me)! I only lasted a hour or so (it was early and cold) but James stayed out and persevered, eventually catching a fish, a bream I think. There is talk of another go tomorrow morning… This is James’ latest chapter in how to be an Australian male. Camping, BBQing, off road driving and surfing have all been conquered (attempted).

Be back soon (well I’ll try!)


How the other half live... The Gold Coast

After our cute country night in the Hinterland we drove the 30 minutes to the high rises of Surfers Paradise. James decided that if he was going to do it (stay at Surfers), he was going to do it right! So he booked the most amazing suite at Peppers, one of the really tall ones. It was super luxurious.

After checking in we walked around Surfers and decided we were happy we opted for Peppers over the Hilton - the Hilton is located smack bang in the middle of the strip clubs - and we were also happy that we ended up living on the Sunshine Coast rather than the Gold Coast. Although the Goldy is fun for a stay we really couldn't imagine living anywhere other than our safe and clean and unspoilt Sunny Coast!

But we made the most of our stay, eating our cheese and wine from the Hinterland on our balcony and watching the sun set, visiting the local casino and (at James' insistence) getting up to watch the sun rise.

Here's some snaps of our stay...

Peeping Tom...
Our pad
The view - we're not on the Sunny Coast now!
How big is this beach? This big!
Still the Cheese and Wine President (UEA memories)
Just about worth waking up early for!
Surfers Paradise from across the bay

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Getaway to Mount Tambourine

The week after Sydney, James and I took advantage of his 4 days on, 3 days off work schedule and set off to the Gold Coast. We started with a night in the Hinterland, at Mount Tambourine. We visited SkyWalk where you can walk on a suspended walkway through the rain forest - pretty amazing.

There is so much to do in this area, we went wine tasting, cheese tasting, liquor tasting, watched the sunset and ate at some gorgeous places. I would recommend visiting Mount Tambourine to anyone, it's so beautiful, friendly and fun. The next day we headed down to the Gold Coast and the very different world of Surfers Paradise...

The spoils from our wine tasting

Our cabin for the night

The Old Church restaurant

Buying Lemocello

Turning 25 in Sydney

This is a very long overdue post!!!!

In May I turned 25 - a quarter of a century. The last few years I have had a BBQ at home in Saffron Walden with all my friends and my Dad and Sister. James is always there, manning the BBQ. This year James suggested we go down to Sydney and stay with my Uncle Ed. He lives in Darling Harbour which is close to everything.

We did all the usual sightseeing and went to the Powerhouse Museum and National History Museum. To be honest, the second museum was more of James' thing, for me the highlight was taking a nap in front of a video about cloning a cub. I am a very talented sleeper. I think next time I would prefer to go to the Art museum.

The best part was definitely having a glass of bubbly at the Opera House Bar on my birthday! We flew home that evening and waiting for me was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my friends Lisa and Jo. Made my smile a lot! 

That evening I met up with my friends at Lot 104 - the only nice bar in Mooloolaba for cocktails and food. Friends mean so much to me and I'm so happy to have found some lovely ones here.

James was a bit naughty and forgot that I am a princess about my birthday and didn't get me a card or any candles to blow out (you have to have your birthday wish)! So the next day he bought me a Boston Bun cake because it was still my birthday in American time!! Little things like that are why I love James, even though I pouted about not having a cake or card on the day, somehow that silly Boston Bun is so cute and will stick in my memory more than a normal cake would have!

Here are some photos of our few days in Sydney...

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Love Lace exhibition - Powerhouse Museum

Birthday Champagne at the Opera Bar - 11am 2nd May!

Beautiful flowers from Lisa and Jo xxx

My Boston Bun cake