Tuesday, 20 March 2012

3 men and a Miranda

At the start of March two of James BFFs, Hurrell and Anu came to stay for two weeks. Two weeks isn't really much time when you come all the way to Australia, so James took the same time off and planned a non-stop itinerary for them. They managed to pack in Australia Zoo, kayaking in Mooloolaba, a skydive at Rainbow Beach, camping on Frasier Island, a Queensland Reds Rugby game, sailing in the Whitsunday Islands and a few nights in Sydney. Oh, and Anu also did some diving! I have no idea how they had the energy to keep going! I left them to it for the most part as I had work, plus I had already enjoyed a four hour kayak with James previously... and I'm a bit dubious about camping on Frasier with the Dingos. Anu did say it was one of the worst sleeps of his life. However it turns out Dingos aren't too much of a problem, you need to be more careful of waking up to find drunk half naked (bottom half uncovered...)Frenchmen in your 4x4... (he went for a swim, in the shark infested waters, and lost his way...).

I did join them in the Whitsunday's which was amazing, I'll blog about that separately. I loved having Anu and Hurrell to stay, they are both such great guys and I know James loved having them here. It was very quiet and lonely when they left me to go down to Sydney! Apart from a bit of sun stroke for poor Hurrell, I'm pretty sure they had a good two weeks exploring together. I stole some of James' photos to share...

Hello Anu!

Glasshouse Mountains

I loved playing cards with Anu, he gets so angry if he doesn't win!
Sky diving

James landing

Attractive harnesses

I like Anu's socks

BBQing at Frasier


Anu and a Wombat

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  1. Wombats... The velociraptors of the outback