Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sailing in the Whitsundays

We all went on a sailing trip around the Whitsunday Islands for two nights. I was a bit dubious about it at first after being seasick once in Egypt, but as it turned out we had perfect sailing conditions. The boat slept eight people and two crew. Most of the other people were great, but we did have the pleasure of sailing with a very annoying couple, Helen and Ray. Even before we got on the boat we all realised that they were going to be really pedantic, annoying people.We decided that Ray was probably ok once upon a time but any fun in him had been removed by boring Helen.

The first night us four all went to sleep up on the deck, under the stars. When I woke up in the morning it was just me and James left, we later found that Anu had snuck into our unused bed! I don't blame him really, I'm not sure him and Hurrel would have fit into one of those tiny beds. Waking up was really surreal, in the middle of the Islands, the sun rising, it was gorgeous. Oh I should mention what it was that woke me in the morning; it was Helen in the water exclaiming 'Oh the water's salty!' What an idiot. The next morning Hurrell was asleep up on deck and she woke him saying: 'Oh, someone is asleep up here!' Our Skipper Matt did tell her off on the second morning, he said you should never wake a sleeping sailor. She just loved to state the obvious. Other classics included: Helen: 'What happens when two boats are coming towards each other, does one go right and one go left?' Skipper: 'No, because they would crash!' [Stupid bitch]; when dubstep was playing, Helen: 'Is this music, it just sounds like noise. I think it's time for something else'; Helen: 'Beer, no that's bad for you. I'll have a cup of tea'... As I said a real fun sponge. 

We got dropped off at Whitehaven Beach for a morning, which is where the famous silica sand is found. Unfortunately to go into the water you have to wear stinger suits as there are jellyfish everywhere, including the Irukandji jellyfish which is smaller than half a finger nail and deadly. There are plenty of the huge jelly fish around too... swimming around/with them took some getting used to!

We did get to do some snorkeling with tropical fish/mixed in with jellyfish which was really good. Although not as good as the snorkeling with big turtles, that was simply amazing! We had a brilliant trip, I hope I get to go back again, although it wouldn't be the same without the boys!

Stereotypical show off traveller picture

Hamilton Island

We all ate the green bottom on one of these ants... it used to be used in cocktails?!

Reading with Anu and Hurrell

About to see some colourful fish!

Hurrell's perch

Anu sleeping in our cabin!

The three musketeers

So beautiful

Captain Anu

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