Thursday, 7 June 2012

How the other half live... The Gold Coast

After our cute country night in the Hinterland we drove the 30 minutes to the high rises of Surfers Paradise. James decided that if he was going to do it (stay at Surfers), he was going to do it right! So he booked the most amazing suite at Peppers, one of the really tall ones. It was super luxurious.

After checking in we walked around Surfers and decided we were happy we opted for Peppers over the Hilton - the Hilton is located smack bang in the middle of the strip clubs - and we were also happy that we ended up living on the Sunshine Coast rather than the Gold Coast. Although the Goldy is fun for a stay we really couldn't imagine living anywhere other than our safe and clean and unspoilt Sunny Coast!

But we made the most of our stay, eating our cheese and wine from the Hinterland on our balcony and watching the sun set, visiting the local casino and (at James' insistence) getting up to watch the sun rise.

Here's some snaps of our stay...

Peeping Tom...
Our pad
The view - we're not on the Sunny Coast now!
How big is this beach? This big!
Still the Cheese and Wine President (UEA memories)
Just about worth waking up early for!
Surfers Paradise from across the bay

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