Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Turning 25 in Sydney

This is a very long overdue post!!!!

In May I turned 25 - a quarter of a century. The last few years I have had a BBQ at home in Saffron Walden with all my friends and my Dad and Sister. James is always there, manning the BBQ. This year James suggested we go down to Sydney and stay with my Uncle Ed. He lives in Darling Harbour which is close to everything.

We did all the usual sightseeing and went to the Powerhouse Museum and National History Museum. To be honest, the second museum was more of James' thing, for me the highlight was taking a nap in front of a video about cloning a cub. I am a very talented sleeper. I think next time I would prefer to go to the Art museum.

The best part was definitely having a glass of bubbly at the Opera House Bar on my birthday! We flew home that evening and waiting for me was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my friends Lisa and Jo. Made my smile a lot! 

That evening I met up with my friends at Lot 104 - the only nice bar in Mooloolaba for cocktails and food. Friends mean so much to me and I'm so happy to have found some lovely ones here.

James was a bit naughty and forgot that I am a princess about my birthday and didn't get me a card or any candles to blow out (you have to have your birthday wish)! So the next day he bought me a Boston Bun cake because it was still my birthday in American time!! Little things like that are why I love James, even though I pouted about not having a cake or card on the day, somehow that silly Boston Bun is so cute and will stick in my memory more than a normal cake would have!

Here are some photos of our few days in Sydney...

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Love Lace exhibition - Powerhouse Museum

Birthday Champagne at the Opera Bar - 11am 2nd May!

Beautiful flowers from Lisa and Jo xxx

My Boston Bun cake

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