Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Byron Bay and Oktoberfest

Last weekend we headed South...

On saturday we headed down to Oktoberfest in Brisbane with a couple of our Ozzie friends Anthony and Lauren. We didn't know what to expect but it turns out it's actually quite a big deal, Australians love their beer, it also turns out they love dressing up as Germans. The men squeezed into a pair of short shorts (James informs me this led to some urination access issues), pulled their socks up and whacked on a pair of braces. The girls went for the slutty farm girl look. We arrived around 4pm not in costume, purchased a couple of beers and tucked into some sausages before heading into the beer tent to enjoy some ropey German music and Robbie Williams' Angels by the ropey German band. More beers followed before James remembered the reason he doesn't drink lager. (Turns out he can't burp to release the gas, in fact he can't burp at all! Three and a half years together and I never realised!!) And the pork knuckle didn't help. He tapped out around ten and we went home, missing the inevitable bar room brawl. One of our group came across some neurofen and drunkenly decided to try to throw them in some nearby steins. Apparently one overweight man objected to his beer being 'spiked' and so it all kicked off... But we were safely tucked up at home and missed it. I'm not sure what reaction having a beer poured over my head would prompt (this happened to Lauren)... I hope I won't find out!

The next morning, after getting up to speed on the brawl, we all had breakfast at a beautiful little cafe in the Brisbane suburb of Paddington, James was in his element when he found out there was a 'breakfast burger' on the menu. We successfully negotiated the Brisbane road network (a rarity for us) and headed towards our next destination, Byron Bay. 

The boy was in charge of booking accomodation, so rather than finding myself in a luxurius Byron Bay hotel with easy access to beaches, cafe's and massages we stayed in the Hinterland... On a farm!

We arrived around 2pm and drove the short drive into Byron and did the famous light house walk. As usual we got a bit lost but there are far worse places to be lost. We didn't see any dolphins but we did see some japanese tourists and there were some migrating humpbacks showboating on their way past.

Despite the fact we were both pretty sweaty after the walk and I was wearing an interesting outfit (I hate being rushed when deciding what to wear) we headed straight out for dinner. We went to a place called Asia Joe's which is a little thai place serving thai style street food. Nicely full we headed back to the farm, got on the wine and watched 'ten things i hate about you'. We are that cool.

It turns out the farm James arranged was actually quite nice. In the morning we went down to the lake and took the rowing boat out for a lap. We also tried going for a walk but due to map reading issues didn't get very far.

After heading into town for lunch we headed back to the farm with a bottle of wine as the owners had recommended a spot on top of a hill just over the road from the farm with a good view of Byron Bay. So we spent a couple of hours on a hill, surrounded by cows drinking sparkling wine, playing scrabble on James' iPhone. I beat him which he wasn't too impressed at, he also got sunburned.

That evening I had to drive into town, after negotiating the cows which had set up camp in the middle of the road for the evening, we headed out for a quick bite. The next day we checked out and headed up the coast to Tweed Heads/Coolangatta for brekkie and then up to the Sunshine Coast, back to our hometown. We enjoyed our long weekend away but when you live in such a beautiful place it's always exciting to get home!


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  1. You stayed in the Hinterland... On a farm! How awesome is that?