Tuesday, 23 October 2012

James is nearly thirty...

On Sunday James turned 27 years old (four years since we had our first kiss at the Action Man (him) vs Barbie (me) UEA LCR... how time flies). He always says that he's not bothered about birthdays but I know better! I've always had a monthly countdown to my birthday and loved the birthday cakes, banners, balloons, cards, presents and dinners that my Mum always ensured I had. In later years my birthdays were made special by my lovely girlfriends. But boys don't tend to buy into all the frills of birthdays so I think James has forgotten how it's meant to go down! So I made it my mission to remind him of all the fun elements birthdays should have!

As James was working 10am - 9pm my plans were limited to breakfast and dinner. In the morning I made a sleepy James his current fav brekkie, an Omlette with feta and Choritzo. He also unwrapped a few presents and cards. I caught up with James' Mum, Debbi, in England in September and, like all good Mums, she was prepared with wrapped presents and card for me to take back for James. Her present was an amazing book made up of all different photos from our time out here. It's so much better having someone else choose the photos for that kind of thing because it means that when we look at it and we have to figure out where the photos were taken and it brings back so many memories.

While we were away in Byron I asked James what his last meal would be - he replied that it would be a burger because there are so many options. After chatting with my friend Pascale she gave me an amazing pulled Cajun pork recipe which went down a treat. I also picked up a marble cake from The Cheesecake Shop which James has branded as the 'best cake' he has ever tasted. We also have a tradition of buying each other Champagne for special occasions, but as we are so far from France here it's pretty pricey. I worked out that I could get three bottles of good sparkling wine for the same price as one bottle of Champagne so I went for quantity! But we only had one that night (we have been known to consume more...) as James had an early surf lesson the following morning... I think it's safe to say that he enjoyed being spoilt a bit.

Happy Birthday again to James, I can't wait for many more together.

Birthday feast

Make a wish!

After giving surfing a go about a year ago I have stuck to body boarding and James just throws himself about in the waves. With some lesson vouchers to use James took his second lesson yesterday and I watched from the safety of the beach, but did finally take a dip after many months dry! He got some good stands and still has a few more lessons to take so watch this space... 

Get out my way lady!

James racing the old dude

I finally went in the sea after months of it being too cold!

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