Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kangaroo Island

Day 15

We left Adelaide for the final part of our trip, Kangaroo Island. At Adelaide airport James made a special purchase. For ages, he has been looking for one of those old man Australia hats, the wide brimmed leather ones. But thus far none fitted him big head. I was in Witchery at the airport browsing the rails when James came rushing in saying he had made friends with a lady in the shop next door and a hat had ‘found him’. Yes that’s right, the hat found him. He looked like a kid on Christmas day when he put it on!

James in his new hat
After the shortest and most expensive flight of our trip we arrived, new hat in tow, on Kangaroo Island. The latest rental car was a Nissan Micra, Auto – so no more bad boy racing for James.

Our first stop was Seal Bay, where the beach was covered in sleeping Seals. They go out to sea fishing for three days and then return and sleep for three days to recover. It’s hilarious when they come in from the water, the waddle up just beyond the waters edge and collapse, there is a video of one girl returning below and the phone directly below is a Seal and her Pup sleeping under the stairs, so cute.

We then saw some wildlife on the Koala Walk and more seals at Vivone Bay. James had booked us in at a Wilderness Retreat for the night, which was basic but luckily did not involve camping. After all the wine I was planning on a soft drink night but James had other ideas. 

We settled in at the Retreat Restaurant and proceeded to have a four course dinner, it was all sourced from Island produce and was amazing. James even tried Yabbies, usually he hates shell fish!

After tasting his way through the port list, James decided it was a good idea to go for a nature walk in the pitch black with his new hat and new torch… the walk highlight was seeing a Wallaby weeing.
James and his yabbies

A late night drunken nature walker
Day 16

On our last full day we drove to Flinders Chase National Park and saw the Remarkable Rocks, Admirable Arch and lots more Seals! It was a very windy day – hence the hoods!

It was very windy!

Remarkable rocks

Day 17
For our final day of our trip we decided to go out with a splash and went out swimming with 35 wild dolphins! The water was about 17 degrees which felt freezing at first but as soon as I put my snorkel under and saw a big group of smiling dolphins coming my way I stopped feeling the cold! They are so curious, it was an amazing experience.


And that was the end of our trip… we had the best time, James planned it all so well and I don’t think we could have hoped to have seen or done more in 17 days. Now we just need to plan trips to WA and NT and we’ll have seen all the states of Australia… how lucky are we!

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