Thursday, 28 March 2013

Flashback blog: Camping in Noosa Northshore

In November last year we made plans to head up to Noosa Northshore and camp for the weekend with my cousins Sean and Dean, and Sean's kids Madeline and Alec.

My cousins both have Land Cruisers and heaps of camping gear so are the perfect crowd to go with and James loves camping. My camping experience is limited to rolling into a tent tipsy at Latitude Festival and the kids were new to it as well. Now, November was a beautiful month - endless sun and dry skies. However there were two days where it rained non stop and they happened to be the two days we decided to camp... It poured from the minute we had the tents up until the minute we took them down! Despite the less than favourable conditions it was still a fun time. James tried sea fishing with the guys while me and the kids staying in the tent and played games. They are such good kids, never moaned or complained and still said they enjoyed the trip at the end! We did get to go climb in the red sand once the rain stopped!

Camping induces the usual fear of snakes and spider but the worst we got was a bush rat in my cousin's tent - Sean and Dean woke to a scuffle and turned the torch onto find a curious rat perched on Alec's pillow next to his sleeping head! Luckily, Dean is something of a nature man and quickly grabbed it by the tail and swung it out of the tent!

We're hoping to plan another trip soon - minus the rain!

Sheltering from the rain!

Home for night

The camp site

Red sand

Mad and my cousin Sean

It all got too much for Alec!

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