Friday, 16 September 2011

Australian memories

I'm still waiting on my exact departure date (yawn) but surely it's only a matter of weeks now! This week I've spent a lot of time thinking about being in Australia as a child and getting excited/nervous about being there as an adult.

For those of you that don't know, my Mum is Australian (well she was born in Kent but emigrated when she was two so always considered herself to be an 'Australian'). Growing up in the UK, I remember my Mum constantly moaning about living here and wanting to move back to her home town, Brisbane.  It's a strange twist of fate that I'm now heading to Queensland myself, I so wish she was here to share this adventure with me.

Growing up my Mum would often take me and my sister, Catherine, off to Brisbane for a few months to spend time with our Nana, Poppy, Aunty Dee (Mum's identical twin), three cousins - Sean, Dean and Michael, and Uncle Tony. My Dad's brother Ed also lives in the country, in Sydney. Defiantly safe to say I have more family in Australia than here! Sadly, my Nana, Poppy and Aunty Dee are all in heaven now with my Mum, it would have been amazing to have had the opportunity to see them more.

I want to share some of my Australian family history and memories with you. Here's two beautiful ladies enjoying the Gold Coast - my Mumma and Aunt -

My first trip to Australia was in my Mum's tummy, she always said I was such a calm baby because she spent so much of her pregnancy at the beach and floating in my Aunt's pool -

Meeting a Koala for the first time aged 4 -

Jumping the waves with my Mum - 

Going to Sydney Opera House aged 7 -

Whale-watching with my family - 

My Mum driving my Uncles 4x4 on Fraser Island - 

My Nana in hanging out by the pool on Christmas Day 1997 - 

Here's to lots more memories (hopefully I'll be wearing slightly more fashionable clothes in upcoming pictures!)



  1. Aww those pictures are so lovely Mandy! Think this blog is a great idea! Your writing style is so easy to read as well. I'm looking forward to reading all about your experiences :) you must be getting so excited! love Amanda (Jardine) lol xxx

  2. ah, i'm so jealous! i have always wanted to visit australia! it just looks so beautiful!!
    xo TJ