Sunday, 25 September 2011

We have a departure date

We have finally gone and booked our flights! Hallelujah. After several weeks of avoiding the 'have you booked your flights' question I can finally answer 'yes'! And the date is Sunday 2nd October. One week tomorrow... the mixture of excitement and nerves is making me feel slightly sick right now. I don't even finish work until Friday and then I'll be off...

Last weekend I had my leaving drinks at Keston Lodge  and had a great night catching up with friends but because we didn't have our flights booked yet I thought I'd see them all again, for one last farewell... Alas, that is not to be because James has to get out there asap for work, he's a big fan of the last-minute plan. I, on the other hand, love to plan and this kind of rash decision makes me feel a bit dizzy.

Luckily I had yesterday off work and I started my packing, when I say started I mean the spare double bed in my house is covered with clothes and shoes. When booking the flight we learned that package allowance for flights to Australia is not the most generous - one bag! One bag? How on earth can I put belongings to last one year into one bag?! There are some horrible people out there setting these rules. Thank goodness James agreed to fly with Emirates, they allow 30kg rather than the standard 20kg. He's a good boy.

So here's to my final eight days in the UK... I am going to fill them with finishing work at Care Choices, saying goodbye to my Saffron Walden friends and gorgeous Godson, spending as much time with my Dad and Sister as possible, and attempting to make wise packing decisions! Wish me luck!


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