Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hello, or should I say g'day...?

Hi there. Welcome to my blog. I've been debating if blogging is a good idea... I don't want to be one of those self-indulgent bloggers banging on about how perfect everything is and writing vacuous SATC carrie-isms. So I'll try to avoid that but if I do start to annoy you perhaps don't follow me anymore! So here goes...

I've decided (after checking with some honest friends) that now is a good time to start a blog. I'm about to leave the UK for a year, maybe a bit longer (we're getting one-way tickets). As you'll probably know, my boyfriend of two and a half years James has got a job out in Queensland, Australia. He's a pretty funny guy, kind of cute and I quite like him so we didn't really fancy being separated for a year. Plus saying 'yes' to going to live in Australia for a year wasn't hard. I will be travelling the 10245 miles from Saffron Walden to Queensland and using this blog to keep you updated on my new life. 

So here we are in September and it look's like start of October will be the departure date! I have three more weeks of work left, I need to sell my car (let me know if you want to buy my Ladybird), we haven't booked flights yet and I need to pack! Then it's just the simple case of flying 24 hours+, finding an apartment, a car, a job for me and perhaps some friends might be a good idea! Arghhh... makes me feel a bit nervous!

I'll keep you updated with progress... 



  1. Miranda! So happy you have a blog! That is going to be a wonderful adventure and I am so happy for you and James! Australia is amazing, I wish I could come visit!!

    Best of luck and I look forward to reading this blog, among the many others I have become obsessed with!

    Much Love,

    -Monica (Best American girlfriend hehe)

  2. Thanks Monica!! Looks live you're having an amazing adventure in Cali :) Start a blog??!!

    Lots of love,


  3. I have a similar story :) moved to Oz because of my boyfriend!

    following you now!