Monday, 2 January 2012

Bumping around Fraser Island

I've been behind on my blogs, so here is a catch up from Dec 22...

Just before Xmas we took a day trip over to Fraser Island with Ian. We had originally wanted to go for a few days but work schedules only allowed a day trip. (Plus this meant we avoided camping over - a big plus for me. James seems to think camping in a place with snakes and dingos roaming is a good idea...)
We got picked up at 5.40am and driven up to Rainbow Beach where we crossed the water onto the Island, which is the largest sand island in the world. We then drove up through the rain forest as the tide was too far in on the beach to drive along it. We were one of the last pick ups so boarded the bus to find the only empty seats in the 16 seater 4x4 were on the back seat. What followed was a 12 hour day (about 8 hours of it driving) being bumped up and down, a similar feeling to that fairground ride where you all sit in a row facing the crowd and go side to top to side to bottom, and round again. The Island was really beautiful though and we had some time a Lake Mackenzie (although it was overcast by this point) and a rain forest walk (luckily timed in between big rain storms). 

James and I are defiantly going to go back and spend more time there, fingers crossed staying in a hotel - I've seen the snakes!

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