Saturday, 28 January 2012

Long time no blog


I have been a very bad blogger recently. My excuse is simple... I made it my New Year's resolution to blog more, and we all know that resolutions never get followed through. I cursed myself!

Also there hasn't been a huge amount to report on in the last few weeks. Basically, my life has consisted of working at the restaurant (it was crazy busy during the school holidays), working on the magazine, going to the gym, eating and sleeping! During the last two weeks it has rained pretty much non stop, limiting what we can do in our spare time... We've even taken a few walks in the pouring rain to avoid getting cabin fever!

We have had some fun with friends though - James' friends from work had a party a few weeks ago in their amazing apartment - 360 panoramic views and hot tub on the deck, and, best of all, a beer pong table (we beat all the other couples, mainly due to my skills - James was past his peak due to the beers). I've started seeing the girls from work more, going for beach walks and working out together. Diana from work recently celebrated her birthday (25th ;) hey?) so a bunch of us had a fun afternoon at a tapas bar.

James has finished his 10 weeks on emergency and is now back on normal hours - yay no more nights on my own, I find it hard to sleep when he's not there now. We've decided that we've got into a bit of a food rut recently so each week we both have to find a new recipe to make. Last week he made a yummy chicken and spring onion risotto  and I made chicken with mascarpone and pesto. 
I'm not sure what to make this week - if you have any suggestions then let me know?

Sorry if this is a bit of a mundane blog, we're planning trips to the Whitsundays and Byron Bay in March so will have much more to tell you then. James' friend Anu is coming to stay in February too which will be fun, James is very excited. For now we're just happy living our little lives and hoping for this rain to stop and let the sun come back! I'm getting pale!!


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