Sunday, 9 October 2011

Goodbyes and the loooong journey

James and I have now been in Australia for six days and there is so much to talk about. But first I need to mention all the goodbyes from my last week at home. We both worked up until the Friday before flying out on the Sunday evening, so things were a bit hectic, to say the least.

After handing in my notice at the start of June, my countdown finally got to one week to go and that last week went really quickly. When Friday arrived I walked into the office to see that my lovely work friends (and now regular friends) Lisa and Jo had decorated not just my desk, but the whole of the office I sit in with ballons, streamers, pictures of kangaroos and koalas and 'good luck' posters. I also had my own desk in the middle of the room (centre of attention!)so I felt very special all day! After competing in my own custom made games of 'Mastermind: The Kardashians' and 'I'm an Editor - Get Me Out of Here' it was time to say goodbye, for now, to all my friends and colleagues at Care Choices. It was a great two years working there and there are lots of people that I'll miss and lots that I know I'll see again.

I also had emotional goodbyes with my BFF's Pascale, Nikki and Kat, and baby Lucas as well. I love all my friends so much and am already looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

I have to say, saying goodbye to my Dad and Sister was the worst, but bless my sweet Sister she held it together so well, I was so proud of her for being strong. Our final goodbye was to James' Mum, Debbi, and her partner Paul at the airport. I know it was hard for her to say goodbye to James but we're already looking forward to her visit next year and I 'm thinking of her when we view two bedroom apartments!

After that goodbye it was through security and boarding the flight to Dubai, which at six and a half hours was much more manageable than the 14 hour flight that followed it!

I didn't find the flights too bad but poor James had a cold and at his height travelling in a airplane just isn't comfortable. Me sprawled across him asleep for a fair amount of the journey probably wasn't great either! The only real problem for me came at Dubai airport. When we boarded the second leg of the journey the security staff re-checked our hand luggage and because my clear plastic bag of liquids didn't have a sealed edge they stole my deodrant, Frizz Ease, toothpaste, foundation and, most upsettingly, my brand new Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, which was a gift from work. I tried to argue with the mean lady that it didn't make sense that I had already flown from London with these items with no problem, so why did she need to take them? I'm hardly going to bomb the plane with my Frizz Ease?! The lady started to get annoyed so James quickly ushered me past, promising to re-buy the items for me. By this point I was feeling very tired and emotional and burst into tears. Poor James stayed very calm as I explained, through sobs, that the Elizabeth Arden Cream was expensive and had been a gift, and that I wasn't happy about arriving in a hot country without these items as it would surely result in me smelling, having very big hair, blotchy skin and no way of brushing my teeth! After a good cry, much to the bemusement of my fellow passengers, I pulled myself together and boarded the plane, where true to his word James bought me some more Elizabeth Arden from the Duty Free. SUCH a great boyfriend.

Next stop...Brisbane.

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