Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The day I got kissed by a Seal


James had yesterday and today off work so we decided to take in one of the local tourist attractions - Under Water World, which is a five minute walk from our home. Yesterday we joined several school trips and young families to take in the under water tank walk, the Otter show and the 'Seals behaving badly' show. There is also a reptile section, but I walked through that one pretty quickly. The Otters, Mayhem, Chaos and Lu were adorable and such smart animals. The Seals, Bella, Groucho (they are girlfriend and boyfriend), Leahette and April were amazing and so responsive to their trainer, their tricks were unbelievable. At the end of the show James bought me a 'Seal kiss' from Leahette - she had just munched on a fish before she gave me a wet kiss and tickled me with her whiskers! I loved it! (Although it took two washes of my face to get rid of the fish scent.) Here's some of James' pictures from our day out...

The Otters

Check out those little hands!



Crazy strong!

Our special moment!

This photo is a photo of a photo, as it was extra to buy it I quickly snapped it before the woman came running over to tell us off! Haha! Also, you may have noticed James' hair is a little long in these photos, fear not I gave him a haircut last night with the kitchen scissors and he is now back to looking respectable.



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  2. Love the seals, so sweet and cute! And your dress! Miss you,


  3. This is sooo cute!