Monday, 7 November 2011

Ups and downs, and on the up again...

Good afternoon!

This past week has been a tricky one for me, I think I had a case of the 'one month in' blues. You'll probably look at all the photos of how beautiful it is here and think 'What? How can you possibly be feeling down?!' Don't get me wrong, I do love it here, and I especially love living with James.

I think it was a combination of things that got to me. At home I am so used to being busy; working full time, seeing all my lovely different friends, being with my Dad and Sister, gossiping with the girls at work, hitting the gym in the week. My life here is very different, I do find myself feeling a bit lonely at times and always can't wait for James to get back from work (which is a good thing). I know I'll make friends in time, it's just the waiting period that can be a bit tricky. We now have Internet and a land line so I can call and skype friends and family which does make me feel so much better.

My new job also got me down a bit, I had got used to my job at Care Choices and that comforting feeling that you know what you are doing! I had forgotten that new jobs, no matter what they are, are always tricky for the first few weeks while you learn the intricacies and people's quirks. I had a few shifts that didn't go very well and as usual took the comments/directions/warnings to heart and got all sensitive about it. Luckily by Wednesday I seemed to have it together and now only have minimal butterflies when walking to work! Fridays and Saturdays are fun to work as we usually have a few drinks after and a gossip.

On top of my friend withdrawal and work insecurities, I had to join the health service here and visit a doctor to get a lump checked out, the medical professionals here were great (much more understanding that some UK equivalents that I have experienced) and quickly referred me for an ultrasound. Of course it turned out to be fine, but the whole episode made me a bit tearful.

James has been the perfect boyfriend this week, he's always there for me and makes me laugh. He is blessed with such a rational mind but I know my sad face pulls him down too. One morning he took me to join the local library, having an armful of novels to read at the beach certainly cheered me up!

Anyway, enough with the misery! I've signed me and James up to a local gym, about a 10 minute run away, and went to Step this morning. Exercise always helps sort my mood out! A shopping trip with Ashley on Thursday, followed my Sushi helped do the trick too!

Here are some photos from the weekend...

James cooking me dinner by the beach before my shift on Saturday night...

The walk down to Coolum beach...

Coolum... so beautiful. BUT this is one of the places where swooping birds attack (apparently natural defensive behaviour). I practically have a heart attack everytime a bird flies overhead. Must buy a hat to deter. Sportsgirl have some nice ones...

xoxo Be back soon, with all happy news. I promise. xoxo

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  1. Hope you are on the up soon,its a lot to take in at once and it is probably just hitting home that it is a bit more than a holiday !! What a lovely picture of you and James. Had lovely chat with James yesterday, hope you are home next time we skype. Love to both of you - Debbi x x x