Thursday, 17 November 2011

Surfer problems


After our foray into surfing last weekend poor James has been suffering from a bad case of 'swimmers ear'. It started as water in the ears, making him deaf, which was fairly annoying for both of us (a taste of life as an old couple). Basically it takes him ages to answer me on anything because he can't hear me, but I keep forgetting and think he's just being annoying! Poor guy was in quite a lot of discomfort so we visited the pharmacy on Wednesday to get some ear drops, we were at the counter paying when the checkout girl suggested that we try ear candles. Immediately I remembered an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where Bruce is pretty much deaf so Khloe clears out his ear wax with a special candle.

Ten minutes later and James is lying on the living room floor with a damp tea towel on his head and a lit candle in his ear. The instructions said you can't candle alone so I was the designated candle partner, in charge of cutting the ash off into a waiting bowl. It seemed so simple but the damn ash was reluctant to get in the bowl. The first lot drifted onto James' cheek which had become exposed (not sure how the towel slipped, apparently my fault), this only singed slightly. After that close call I tried to be more careful and covered his whole face, unfortunately I left his neck exposed and that is where the next piece of ash landed, caught up in some neck hair. I tried moving it but it was so hot! So I used the tea towel to put it out, unfortunately James' neck formed the third side of the triangle of extinguishing the fire, leaving a burn, which is now a sizable scab. To make matters worse, the ear candle didn't work at clearing his ear or restoring his hearing!

Over a week after the surfing and he's still suffering, the picture at the bottom was taken today during a tense game of shithead. How hot is he!! Let's hope he stops being stubborn and gets a doctor to look at his ears, he does work at a hospital after all!

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