Thursday, 28 March 2013

Flashback blog: Cyclone Oswald hits the Coast


In late January James headed home to the UK for work interviews. I dropped him at the airport and as I drove home it started to rain really heavily and did not stop for five days. It was as if Australia was crying that he had left!

The crazy rain and severe winds were part of Cyclone Oswald. Thank God that my friends Diana and Camillo were visiting from Brisbane for the weekend as the Cyclone meant staying inside all of Australia Day and the rest of the weekend, I would have been so lonely! But actually, it was like Christmas in the UK - eating all day and watching movies!

When the rain finally stopped on Sunday afternoon we couldn't believe the foam that the sea and rain had created - the video above shows just how crazy it was!

The storm totally changed all the beaches on the Coast, big 1-2 metre drops where the sea has dragged all the sand out to sea and filthy brown water. Even now, in March it is only just getting better!

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