Thursday, 28 March 2013

Flashback blog: Gold Coast Theme Parks

After the Cyclone Feburary continued to be wet so at the start of March James and I took a trip down to the Gold Coast to take advantage of the quieter theme parks.

We went to Movie World the first day, where I was forced to go on the scary rides, and Sea World the second day. The highlight of Sea World was James taking on seven year old boys on the pirate boats... a few innocent Mums got caught in the cross water... they were not pleased. We also went to  The Outback Spectacular, a themed restaurant and horse show - very country Aussie!

Our hotel was really cool and had a restaurant called Bazaar which was like a market place of different food and you just keep walking around and getting what you want - like a posh all you can eat - I highly recommend to any Gold Coast visitors.

It was a great few days away, another James planning triumph!

Superman ride!

"You want me to go on what?'

He wanted to buy this...

I love this boy

Rainy days

Attcking innocent people with his water gun...

James in action

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  1. Lovely pictures :)