Thursday, 28 March 2013

Flashback blog: Mt Barney

On New Year's day a hungover James (he ended up being sick on our neighbour Shane's arm early that morning.. ) and I collected Becca and Jess and headed south for a road trip. We ended up at Mt Barney National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

When arrived at our house for the night and the guy at reception greeted us warmly, advised us on local walks and said: "Enjoy the house, there's no key... welcome to the country"

Later that night, playing cards on the deck we had our first taste of being out with the nature when a huge Possum wiggled it's way down the roof right above us! Much later, I woke in the middle of the night to a really loud scratching at the patio doors in mine and James' room. I immediately though - there are no locks on the doors - prodding James awake I told him there was someone trying to get in and made him get up and check it out! Most likely it was the Possum back but it still gave me the creepers! James was not that happy with me!

 The next day we set out on the main hike where you reach swimming pools in the middle of caves. It was a really hot and humid day, and bush fire warming was on extreme. At the start of the walk it tells you what you need: a watch, 2L of water per person, to let someone know that you are starting the walk, sun lotion, food, hat etc. We text Becca's boyfriend, had a watch and lotion and some food, 2 hats for 4 people, but not much water and James was the only one with a backpack (I had to make shift my beach bag into a backpack). Really, we weren't very prepared. We were not very far into the walk when we realised that it was all a bit much for Becca, we weren't making very good progress and the water was quickly going. When it became apparent that a small empty water bottle was too much for Becca to hold we considered turning back, but I put my hat on her and that seemed to help... and finally we reached the centre - the water pool. They were beautiful and so cooling. There was a huge rock that James and Jessie jumped off but me and Becca were to scared as we didn't know how deep the water was!

On the way back Becca seemed to be struggling again when Jess and James proclaimed that they could smell smoke - not what you want in the middle of the bush! James stated that he 'didn't want to get burned alive' and that we needed 'to get a move on' - after a tense trek back we finally made it out and as we drove away we could see the smoke from the bush rising...

A lesson learnt in the dangers of bush walking but still a magical trip!

Cave climbing

Very necessary insect spray

Brave jumpers

So refreshing

Sleeping roo

Night time possum

Dubious about getting in!

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