Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Home sweet home

We moved in to our unit on Friday and we're so happy to be settled and unpacked! It's a really nice place, all brand new appliances and nicely furnished. The best thing is the location, it's less than five minutes to the beach, bars, restaurants and shops. I love it! And we have a second bedroom (which doubles as my dressing room), so we're set up for visitors! James went and bought a 42" TV as well so it's a proper home! We're still waiting to get internet and a phone line sorted. Once that happens I'll be able to blog more :) This is my first experience of living with a boy and so far so good! I do keep reminding James that I hate the toilet seat being left up and not to drop his clothes on the floor, but he's still pretty great, all in all I'm a very lucky girl.
Here is our home ~~~~

This is the living room ~
Our bedroom ~
The spare bedroom/my dressing room ~
My dressing area ~
Kitchen/dining area ~

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