Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New developments

New job

After last week's dramatic quitting of my sales job, I refocused my job search on Mooloolaba to avoid hour long walks and travel costs. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday handing out CVs to shops and restaurants and had a trial shift on Thursday at a place which is 2 minutes from our unit. James and I had actually eaten there the week before with our friend Ashley (a Scottish doctor who works with James).

It's a really busy place and I had already been warned that there was no space for slow workers. I was a bit nervous at first as it was so fast paced but I got into it and really enjoyed it. There are all kind of nationalities working there and there is a good 'work hard, joke lots' kind of atmosphere. I got the job and my first proper shift is tonight! It's good pay and I have my fingers crossed for good tips! *smile*

I'm so pleased that I found work again quickly, I was starting to feel a bit down about it and wondering if it was going to be tricky. I found out that 'Peter' from my old job is actually banned from working the TV kiosk at the Sunshine Plaza (the closest mall to me) so I don't have to worry about seeing his face again!

New age

James turned 26 on Friday! Being a boy he's not that bothered about these things so I got excited for the both of us! I got up early and made him a fry up and to have as he opened his presents. I had already bought him some RayBans (which I may well end up stealing...) but I got him some little things to open. You always need something to unwrap! For someone now living in the Sunshine State he has surprisingly few summer clothes so I sorted that out!

When he got home from work we had a beach walk, some wine and the out for Morrocan food for dinner and then birthday cake. You always need candles to blow out and make a wish!

New car

The next morning we headed down to Brisbane to return the Honda and go car shopping. My cousin Sean was amazing and helped us out so much. Cars are so expensive here compared to the UK, but petrol and insurance are cheaper... We used carsales website to find our new 1999 Toyota Camri! He was a pricey old man. It's a 2.2 auto and all ours! When we arrived at the dealer there was an couple there haggling over the price so we took a quick test drive and just as Sean said 'We'll take it', the other guy sprung up and said I was just about to say that! Too late buddy!

We spent the whole weekend down in Brisbane, so great to spend time with my family, we had yummy food (a huge bowl of fresh seafood on Sunday, sausages for James as he's not a seafood fan! I now know how to peel a prawn the correct way), some guitar hero fun, a trip to Southbank and lots of fun with the kids. Sean's kids are so cute, I love them! When we went to Southbank they did that thing kids do in public places where they automatically put their hand into yours and they both wanted to hold my hand all afternoon. Adorable!


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  1. Mooloolaba looks wonderful, i can see why you chose there to live. Hope the job works out and you get loads of tips !!! Glad to see James had a nice birthday - love you both, Debbi x x x