Thursday, 13 October 2011

A roof and some money


I have lots of good news to share - in the last few days we have found out that we have got the dream 2 bed flat in mooloolaba and I have got a job!

We found out on Tuesday that the flat (or unit as it is called here) is ours, we move in tomorrow (Friday). After handing out resumes on Monday I also applied for one job online. It didn't really specify much other than 'sales & marketing' but it said 'travelers, students and visa holders welcome' so I thought it was worth a shot! On Tuesday morning the agency called me and invited me for an interview that afternoon, which went well. I got a phone call half an hour later asking me back for a follow up the next morning, and then that afternoon I found out the job was mine. Today I spent five hours learning about the product that I'll be selling, doing some mystery shopping and taking a two hour test at the end of it! It's been a quick but detailed process! Basically I'm working in the local shopping mall (and can take work trips to other shopping malls throughout Queensland) selling cable TV. It's time to see if my selling skills are any good!

As a perk, we get the full package for free! That means unlimited Kardashian's for me and unlimited NFL for James. I'll let you know how it all goes... First day out on the floor selling tomorrow. I'm hoping to charm these Aussies with my British accent. ;) I think the tricky part may be keeping myself out of the other shops... I have found a shop called Sportsgirl, which despite the name actually sells gorgeous Topshop, French Connection-esqe clothes.

I am very excited for the big move tomorrow, see ya laters Nambour. I'm about to hit Target to get kitchen stuff as it's furnished apart from that. :)

In further news, here are some random observations...

Cost of living here is expensive,food, clothes, drinks etc. Hense James' excitement about Aldi.

We are about to come into 'swooping season' apparently, which is where birds swoop down from trees,landing on people's heads a peeking. Apparently blood can be drawn. I am afraid.

Birds (particularly the colourful ones)make a lot of noise as it gets dark, an I mean a lot. I think they are calling their babies back.

Kangaroo meat tastes quite sweet, a bit like sweet ribs. I couldn't quite finish mine as I kept thinking about my stuffed Kangaroo friends back at home from my childhood.

Although I was scared by driving the Honda, which I now like to call my otter, I now actually love driving it and totally know my way around the area better than James! I guess he is hard at work 'saving lives' during the day. And as my wise Dad told me, as cars are bigger here so are the parking spaces and roads. :)

That's all for now! Sorry for the lack of pictures, I can't seem to load them from internet cafes! Coming soon, I'm sure!


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